Our Story

Cohort Craft Brewery is a family owned brewery that arose from a group of beer minded people over many hours of home brewing, bottle shares and bar napkin math.  Drawing from personal ideas and professional specialties each member brings a unique perspective.  Our unified goal is simple:  Produce the best product possible while providing the most inviting customer experience possible.  No short cuts…ever.

We are proud to be located on the southside of Rapid City in the new Town Centre South Plaza.  This is where we live, so to us, it’s only natural that this is where our brewery should be built.  We are excited to be part of this developing neighborhood that will provide many new options for local residents.

A special thank you to all of the local and national Independent Craft Breweries and Beer Bars that have helped us along the way.  Without their support and inspiration, Cohort would still be just an idea on a napkin.